Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We got up early this morning and went to the beach. We checked out a different beach than before. This one is for military only and is free :) Gotta love a free beach and free parking :) The water was warm enough to let the girls play in, although I miss living on the Gulf Coast with the gentle waves.  I took Abby out a little ways, not too far from shore at all. It was fun, but on the way back in, we got hit by a couple of huge waves and we both went under twice (not for long). Thankfully, I never let go of Abby and I played it off as something fun and wild :) (I think she bought it) When we were back on the beach, I realized how lucky we were. I am so thankful that God was there to protect us. I did lose my sunglasses though and Scott was teasing me saying that was part of my plan so I could get a new pair.  Overall, we had a blast playing in the sand and water. We built sandcastles and buried Abby up to her neck in sand :) She loves doing that and Mckenzie loves to bury her. We left in the early afternoon so Scott could get a nap before his trip tonight. Mckenzie fell asleep too, but Abby was a bundle of energy. I think she played with every toy in the playroom this afternoon!

059 Abby beach

053 Mckenzie beach

044 Scott beach

041 Abby & Mckenzie on the beach


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