Thursday, July 28, 2011

So, Scott didn't end up leaving last night on his trip as they had a problem with the plane. He ended up back at home around 4 this morning. Glad he called me before he arrived or I might have been a little freaked out to see someone else in the house! The girls were both so happy to see him! We had friends over this morning to play. Our house seriously looked like a tornado blew through. I didn't know four girls could make such a mess in such a short amount of time! We went to the library this afternoon to check out some new books. I had heard the book called "One" was a good read for the kids and both girls really enjoyed it. I think it may be one to add to our library :) The girls and I headed to Target after Scott left this afternoon. I only went in for Tide and a birthday gift and ended up leaving with an entire cart! In my defense, I haven't been there in a long time and Scott is gone on his first trip since returning from his deployment. Those are reasons enough to spend money right??!! I tried to get some photos for my workshop that I am taking but none of them turned out. I need better light or a better camera (granted I am sure some of the problem is my skill level, but trying to take pictures of moving children is difficult (for me) and it would be helpful to have a larger range of settings).   Hope it is sunny tomorrow :)



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