Saturday, July 30, 2011

Another busy day around here. We had a birthday party this morning at the Fun Zone. The kids just love playing there. Mckenzie doesn't care for the jungle gym, but she loves the inflatable slides. The last time she was there, she wouldn't even try the inflatables but this time, Abby led the way and she followed :) Abby was such a good sister to her today. She tried to get her to play in the jungle gym and kept checking back to see if Mckenzie changed her mind and wanted to play instead of sitting on my lap. Then when they played on the inflatable slides, Abby made sure Mckenzie went in front of her and they could slide down together that way. It really melted my heart to see them being so sweet and caring to one another :) S friend was super kind to watch the girls so I could run to the grocery store by myself. I am not sure why I put it off until today, but a weekend shopping trip with the girls is not my idea of a good time. The girls had fun playing and didn't even pitch a fit when I arrived to take them home. We had friends over to play and grill out this evening. It was a really nice time and the girls all had fun splashing around in the pool. When I was tucking Abby into bed tonight I told her how proud I was of her behavior today (I told Mckenzie the same) and that Daddy would be so proud of both of them too. She asked if I could call Daddy to let him know and I told her I wouldn't be able to call him, but that I would write it on the blog so he could read about it. It must have sounded like a good idea because she started to tell me exactly what to write. " I was really good at the party and I was good at Natalie's and I didn't get upset when it was time to go...."  Then she asked if I needed to write that down. Guess she has already learned I have a pretty short memory :)



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  1. Tell Abby I read it and am very proud of all my girls. Miss you guys and love you very much!


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