Monday, August 1, 2011

The girls have been sleeping in later lately which I find very nice :) I probably won't find it so nice when school starts and I have to drag them out of bed every morning! We ran some errands today looking for supplies for Mckenzie's birthday party. Who knew it would be so difficult to find hula hoops in the middle of the summer! We did see some interesting characters along the way. Walmart and the local dollar store is always a lesson in other lifestyles for the kids! I try to avoid them whenever possible, but I thought they were my best chance for hula hoops! At Walmart, some lady was screaming at the cashier because the line was too long. I wanted to tell her to check out at the front of the store instead of in the garden department where it is designed to only have one cashier, but she looked a little rough! Then at the dollar store, some dude dropped trash on the ground and Abby was so upset that someone would do that. She also asked why the doors to the store didn't close properly. I wanted to say its because it is a crappy store that sells crappy stuff and they don't have money to fix the doors, but I decided to be a little less cynical than that! (well, at least in front of her) I did manage to find a place to order hula hoops online so right now that seems to be my best option. I hope they get here in time for Mckenzie's party! I wish I had started planning a little earlier, but I am a procrastinator through and through!

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