Friday, Sept 9, 2011

Abby was a little slower moving today, but we made it to the bus on time. I love how excited she is to ride the bus every day and to get to school. Mckenzie and I stayed at home today. We were coloring together and she wanted to color by herself, so I let her. Big mistake. She got bored of coloring the puzzle we had been working on and decided to color her legs and the couch! She was so proud of what she had done and was smiling from ear to ear when she showed me. In all her scribbles, she managed to make a perfect letter z and number 4. (she doesn't know how to write that I am aware of, she just got lucky!) Abby had an eye doctor appointment today. I thought for sure she was going to need glasses because she was only able to read the first few lines, but the doctor said she was fine, just a bit dramatic :) Not my daughter! Both Scott and I were a little unsure how she decided that Abby's vision was fine when Abby was saying she couldn't read the chart, but she is a pediatric optometrist so I guess she sees this kind of thing regularly. We decided that if her teacher mentions she is having difficulty or if we notice her struggling we would take her to another doctor, but for now, we will trust this one. Abby kept telling me she wanted glasses and she was sad she didn't get them so I tend to think the doc was onto something. Scott tried to clean off Mckenzie's legs while we were out, but it was to no avail. She will be covered in purple marker for a while. Scott had to work tonight so we had some friends over to play and have dinner. It was a very nice evening. 007 Mckenzie

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  1. Looks like she has those circles down though! Isn't it funny now how glasses are cool, but years ago, you were a dork if you wore them!


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