Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Today was Abby's first day of Kindergarten!! She was so excited to go to school today. She got out of bed, took a shower and got dressed all by herself. There were no complaints when I was fixing her hair (maybe it was the new PURPLE hair dryer I bought for her)! She even posed for a few pictures without giving me grief! She was very excited to walk to the bus stop so she could go on her first ever bus ride! We met some nice neighbors and one of the little girls asked Abby if she would like to sit with her on the school bus :) When the bus came, Abby was thrilled. Scott and I gave her kisses and she was off, never even looking back at us. She was smiling and I was crying, just the way it should be. I am so glad she has the confidence to conquer this new experience! Kenzie was upset that Abby was gone and she started crying on the walk back home, saying "I miss Abby too much." She recovered pretty quickly since Scott let her ride her scooter in the garage :) When Abby finally got home from school (after an hour and a half bus ride! crazy considering we live 5 minutes from the school!!!) she was beaming and told us she had a great day! Just what we were hoping for. She has one of her preschool friends in her class and they were able to sit beside one another today. When we asked about what she did today, she told us she couldn't remember. But, she did say she liked her teacher and had fun. Oh, she did remember she had cheddar bunnies for snack along with chocolate milk :) We took her to Olive Garden, her choice, for dinner and then it was back home to get ready for bed. 216 Abby first day of kindergarten b&w 221 Abby first day of school 186 Scott Abby first day of kindergarten 184 Abby first day of school 207 Abby first day of kindergarten 213 Abby school bus leaving for kindergarten b

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