Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I think we are starting to get this new morning routine down. It has been a hard adjustment to waking up early, for me anyway. It seems strange to refer to 6:25 am as early. I remember getting up just after 5am when Mckenzie was still a baby in order to get to work on time. It seems like so long ago we lived there and yet it really wasn't that long ago.  Mckenzie had a great second day at school and didn't even get sad once :) I am so thankful that she has the teacher she does. It made for an easy adjustment for Mckenzie. She came home with purple marker in her hair and all over her arms, but that just tells me she had fun:) Abby enjoyed her day at school too, although she is just so tired from the long mornings. I am guessing she will adjust to her new schedule pretty soon.  Abby had her first day of dance today and she absolutely, positively LOVED it! They work on both tap and ballet and Abby expressed she enjoys the ballet part the best because it feels prettiest! She is in the same class as her friend and I was a bit worried they would be too chatty, but they focused on the teacher and did what they were asked. 009 Abby first day of ballet b&e 013 Abby first day of ballet 016 Abby first day of ballet

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