Thursday, September 8, 2011

Abby came over to our room sometime last night because she was afraid of the dark. I know I am supposed to send her back to her bed, but really, how much longer is she actually going to want to cuddle with us anyway. Gotta soak up these moments before the opportunity passes us by. Abby had a great day at school today and Mckenzie and I managed to get a lot of errands run. I asked Abby what she did today and I got the standard answer of "I don't remember." I love that she is gaining independence and is able to participate in activities without me, but I still want to know everything that happened during her time away from me. I wonder if that feeling ever goes away? I finally bought a dog bed for Dakota (per Scott's request) so maybe she will be less inclined to sleep on the bed. I hope she likes it. The kids both do ;-) A friend that Abby met at her bus stop invited her over to play after school today. Abby was so excited and couldn't wait to get there! She had fun playing and the girls seemed to get along really well. Mckenzie was disappointed she didn't stay but happily played a game of bowling while I started prepping dinner. I did let Mckenzie play for a bit when we walked down to bring Abby home. She seemed to enjoy playing with Abby's new friend as well as her younger brother so maybe next time, both girls can go. This whole early to bed thing is kind of challenging when Scott gets home late. I don't want to feed the kids without him because I strongly believe that dinner as a family is very important. So, I tried to do baths, vacuum, pick up the toys, put away the clothes and cook dinner all at the same time. Hectic, but somehow it managed to get done. It may have been faster had I not asked the girls to help. Abby was asked to bring the folded clothes upstairs and apparently she didn't see the need to keep them folded! I have finally caught up on all the past blog entries that I missed. So there are new pics for y'all to check out. You just have to go back a few days :)

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