Wednesday, Sept 7, 2011

Day 2 of Kindergarten and Abby was still excited to get up and ready. I am really hoping this lasts the entire year. I can hope right?! Scott didn't have to work until later this morning so we all were able to see Abby off on the bus again. She was all smiles again this morning and she was looking forward to another great day. We had an Open House at Mckenzie's preschool this morning so she was able to meet her teacher, do a few arts and crafts and play with her new classmates. She had fun and I am excited that this will be a great year for her. Mckenzie is still a bit reserved with other children and waits for them to make the first move. She is content to play by herself but she will play with other kids if they start playing with her. It took almost an hour and a half for Abby to get home again. I really hope this isn't the case all year long. She had a good day in school and she was excited to tell me that they said the Pledge of Allegiance. Today was library day and they read a few books and sang a few songs. The kids were also given a permanent seat assignment in class. Abby and her preschool friend were not assigned to the same table, but Abby seemed OK with that. Abby had a little trouble on the bus this afternoon. She wanted to sit with one of her friends but that friend wanted to sit with someone else and Abby ended up crying on the bus. Fortunately, the parent helper on the bus is a good friend of ours and she gave Abby a hug and tried to help her out :) I, of course, was extremely upset that Abby was sad and crying on the bus. It just broke my heart that she felt so bad and I couldn't be there to help her. I am hoping it doesn't happen again. On a good note, Abby was over the moon tonight because she got to see her old preschool teacher. I swear Abby was about to cry she was so happy to see her! 032 Mckenzie at open house for SSPC 036 Mckenzie Ava playing at Stepping stones 029 mckenzie open house sspc

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