Friday, September 16, 2011

Poor Scott had to be up at 4am for a flight today. He is in need of some serious sleep this weekend as he has had several late nights followed by early mornings all week! While Abby was at school, Mckenzie and I worked on cleaning out her dresser drawers. Well, that should say, I organized her drawers while she laid on the floor and slept! I guess the little stinker was tired. First thing out of that little girl's mouth this morning was "I want the iPad" and she wanted a yogurt, but the iPad was of way more importance. Guess she really needed to get her movie fix on right away today! We played outside this afternoon and both girls ended up at the neighbor's house giving me a little time at home:) We did dinner out tonight since I forgot to thaw anything for dinner. Oops! After the girls went to bed, we managed to get the house back in order. It looked like a tornado came through here and uprooted all the toys!

029 Mckenzie
Mckenzie loves her little car. I wish it had better tires on it like Abby's jeep but other than that, it is a fun little toy.

033 Abby 036 Abby and Mckenzie
Abby was pretending Mckenzie was her baby. Mckenzie was actually going along with it for once and even went so far as to crawl around on the ground. This was Abby pretending to be at a baseball game while her "baby" cheered for her.  Not exactly sure why she is scowling at me?

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