I went to Abby's school this morning and talked with the principal a little more about the situation that occurred. I am not sure she was pleased I didn't make an appointment to see her, but I didn't care. I felt there were so many things that I needed answers to and I wanted them right away. I still have questions even after the meeting and I know Scott does too. I am not sure what our plans are, but I think we aren't done yet :) I did stay in Abby's classroom today and I was pleased to see that there was no interaction between Abby and the little girl. Abby is sitting at a different table now and I am hoping things will be better. Both Abby and Mckenzie had friends over to play this afternoon. I am not sure what was going on with Mckenzie, but she was just off. Very whiny and she wasn't in the mood to play with her friend. Normally they get along very nicely. Abby had Daisy's tonight and one of her friends came home with us for a bit until her parent's could pick her up. My girls were over the moon that they had another friend over and that they were getting to stay up late. It wasn't really late (8 pm instead of 7:30) but they didn't know the difference.

015 Erin, Abby, Abi, Mckenzie

A little Elefun fun :)

024 trampoline

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