After getting both girls to school, I headed out for my first run since our race last Sunday. It felt great to be out, but after 2 miles, I did something to my leg and I couldn't run anymore. Not sure what happened, but it really sucks. I ended up walking back home and the darn thing hurt the rest of the day.

The girls both had a good day at school. Mckenzie came home covered in paint so that is usually a sign of fun :) Abby had library today and was excited she was allowed to check out two books this week instead of just one. I, of course, am not as excited because that means I now have twice as many books to search for the night before library day. In the beginning of the school year I had Abby to keep her books on the foyer table, but that didn't work out so well. We never lost a book doing that, but we never remembered to read them either. So I started letting her read them upstairs and now it is a challenge to locate them in her bookcase. Oh well, only a few more weeks of school and then I have all summer to come up with a better plan :)

Another photo from yesterday. I like this one because they were caught up in their own little world :)

154 abby mckenzie

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