Today was Mckenzie's last day of school. I have to say I am a bit sad because she is our last Minnow (the name of her class). Mckenzie didn't seem to care it was her last day. She only cared that she got to have an ice cream party at school to celebrate all the summer birthdays. She surprised the heck out of me and passed on vanilla ice cream for chocolate. Typically, she wants only vanilla. She did top it with M&M's (which is normal) and didn't eat them (which is also very normal).

Abby had a rough ride home on the bus and started crying the second she saw at me. Poor thing had a little issue with her two best friends on the bus and she felt so sad. Apparently she was trying to tell them something and both girls looked away from her, ignoring what she was saying. She was heartbroken and so was I. I hate to see the hurt in her eyes and I wish there was a way to keep her from ever being hurt. I am sure every parent feels the same way. She seemed to bounce back from it ok and we talked about how she should deal with it should it ever happen again.

035 mckenzie

021 mckenzie

038 Mckenzie

043 Mckenzie

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