Mckenzie started camp this morning. Her preschool is offering half day camp for two weeks. No classroom duty is required and it is a full three hours! They get to play outside and do all sorts of fun stuff. Mckenzie really enjoyed her first day and she was exhausted!

Abby is Child of the Week at school and she was so excited to bring in the posters we made. She won't get to show them to her friends until the end of the week, but that didn't matter to her. She was so happy! She had field day at school so she spent the morning playing games outside with all the other kindergartners. She said she had fun and she is pretty sure her class won. My guess is that every class won!

We went over to our friend's house this afternoon to go swimming. The girls were beyond excited to go again since we were just over there yesterday. Mckenzie felt brave and wanted to walk in the water without any floaties on. I went into the water with her and she could barely touch, but it made her so happy! She isn't ready to do it by herself yet, but maybe by the end of the summer. The girl needs to grow a couple of inches :)

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