Scott has been running around like crazy today while I sit around on my tush! I always thought I wanted to be rich and have people wait on me hand and foot, but I have discovered I don't like to let go of the control. So, I guess I will continue to live our modest life in peace knowing that money isn't everything, Control is;-) Scott ran a 5K this morning and it was a humid one out there. He looked more tired when he got home than he did after the 10 mile run we did together a few weeks ago. He took Mckenzie to her last regular dance class this season and stopped by the store to pick up a birthday gift for one of Mckenzie's friend. When he got home, he grabbed my shopping list and took both of the girls to the grocery store. He followed that up with a birthday party and came back home to run more errands. I asked begged Scott to let me come with on the errands. I just sat in the car, but at least I was out of the house. Mckenzie really enjoyed the birthday party she went to and spent most of her time in the swimming pool. One of the toys in her gift bag was a necklace with purple lip gloss. Between her and Abby, they used almost the entire container and boy did their lips stand out! They were so purple! You know how most kids put on lipstick. It isn't just on their lips. It is all around their lips too. They looked pretty cute with their fancy lip gloss on! Scott finished off his day by mowing the lawn and coming in to do a little house work. Poor guy is going to be happy to get back to work on Tuesday and away from all the extra stuff he is having getting to do! I did get the pool out for Abby so she could swim too. I felt bad the water was freezing cold, but she didn't seem to mind. She stayed in the water for nearly two hours! I am trying a new cupcake recipe for Abby's Child of the Week project. They are chocolate cupcakes with Oreos on the bottom. I hope they turn out and Abby likes them.

004 Abby swimming

021 Abby

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