I went to my doctor's appointment this morning and he was worried that in addition to having shin splints, I had a stress fracture as well. He ordered an MRI and by some miracle, I was able to get an appointment today. The first tech to help me was a real joy to be around (insert major sarcasm here!) and I nearly had to run to keep up with her in the hallways. Not an easy task considering how much my leg hurts :)  Luckily, she wasn't the tech doing the MRI and the guy that helped me really was nice. The set-up at the hospital seemed a bit shady. We had to go outside the building to what appeared to be a storage shed where they housed the MRI machine. Anyway, it turns out I do have a stress fracture in my lower leg so I will be showcasing a lovely pair of crutches. Yippee skippy. Again, insert some sarcasm. I am really crabby about this as we have plans to go strawberry picking this weekend and I can't imagine hobbling around the strawberry patch on crutches. Yes I realize this isn't even close to a horrible injury, but I am using the rest of today to have a pity party for myself anyway. I just want to go for a run so I don't lose all the progress I have made and it is hard to take care of the kids and the house on crutches. Have you tried sweeping a floor on crutches? Not an easy task my friend. So, I will continue to pout today and hopefully tomorrow I will be in a better mood.

The girls really enjoyed their day. Mckenzie got to play with her bestie Ava this morning and her mom said they got along really well. (Some days their temperaments get in the way of having a spat-free play date!) Abby went to a friend's house after school and stayed there all afternoon while I was out. I dropped Mckenzie over there as well on my way to the MRI. Thank goodness we have such great friends that don't mind watching the girls with very little notice. Scott left for a short trip this morning. Poor guy is having to rough it down in DC;-)

Dakota's first Frosty Paws ice cream. Ever. Bailey probably had dozens of boxes by the time he was Dakota's age. Poor Kota :(

018 Dakota first frosty paw

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