Today was Mckenzie's last day of Chef class. To celebrate, her teacher's decided to have a breakfast feast. Mckenzie and I brought in green eggs and ham along with some toast. It was a great feast and fun to hang out at the school with Mckenzie.

We attended an art show at Abby's school this evening. Abby was beyond excited to show off her hard work to Mckenzie and I. I finally got to read her journal that she has been working on so hard in class. I have asked her many times what she writes about, but she always tells me it is a secret. She was also excited to see so many of her friends at the school. We had to stop and chat with all of them too! I love my little social butterfly :)

002 mckenzie chef

025 Mckenzie chef

030 Mckenzie Chef

Showing off her journal to her friend Carlo :)

032 Abby art show

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