Scott strolled in from his 'vacation' this morning around 5:30. I have no idea how he can stay up all night and still fly safely. He was so sweet and took Abby to school and Mckenzie to swim lessons so I could rest my leg. I know he had to be super tired. I am a lucky girl to have such a kind hubby. We did let him sleep this afternoon. Abby was disappointed when she got off the bus and he wasn't at the door to greet her, but she understood how tired her daddy was. Scott took the girls to run a couple of errands this evening and other than that, it was a pretty quiet day around here. We had more rain today so that is good for Scott's garden. Not so good for the dog. She smells so bad and really needs a bath. I wish I could bathe her at the house, but she sheds way too much.

Abby is the Child of the Week next week in her Kindergarten class so I spent a good bit of the afternoon finding photos to use for that. I look back at photos of her when she was just a baby and wish I could go back in time to get better photos of her.

003 Abby reading

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