Both girls had a Mother's Day Tea at school today at the same time. Since it is Abby's last year for a tea in school, I went to her classroom first. Abby greeted me with a rose and walked me to our chairs. The kids sang 5 songs about moms and then we had a snack. It was so fun to watch Abby sing. She had a big smile on her face and she looked at me with her sweet, loving eyes the entire time she sang. She sure can melt my heart. Abby's class made a cookbook for the Mom's. The recipes where made up by the kids. Abby came up with a recipe for chocolate chips cookies that calls for 7 lbs of dough, 7 cups of chocolate chips and three cups of sugar. After mixing, the cookies are to be baked in a oven heated to 7 degrees for 20 minutes!

I headed over to Mckenzie's school (thankfully the schools are just minutes apart) where they were already eating snack. Mckenzie greeted me in the hallway and gave me the tissue paper flowers she had made. She was so excited to see me and that made me so happy. And sad. I felt terrible that she was the only child without a mom/relative for most of her tea. But, her teacher sat with her until I got there so she was OK. Mckenzie was excited to show me all of my gifts. She made a flower pot and planted a flower in it. She also made a clay hand print and a bracelet. I just love handmade gifts and I love how proud of everything Mckenzie was!

015 Mckenzie Abby Mother's Day Tea

dscn9107 mothers day tea Abby

017 Abby's portrait of Barb

027 Mckenzie Barb

030 Mckenzie's flowers

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