We conquered the Broad Street Run today and it feels amazing! Well, not my knees or my shin splints or the blisters on my feet, but it feels so wonderful to have accomplished something so big (in my mind). There were over 30,000 runners that participated in this 10 mile run and it was surprisingly orderly. The race took us through areas of Philadelphia we have never seen before and it was fun to explore in a way we never have. Scott was so sweet and he stayed with me the entire time even though I know he could have finished way faster without me. The streets were filled with adults, children and even dogs to cheer the runners on. I think one of our favorites was a couple that let their Golden Retriever give out high fives to the runners. He was such a sweet dog. There was also an older lady on her front stoop cheering the runners on in her baby blue bathrobe. I just love the sense of community and support that came from running the race. Shouts of encouragement filled the air and helped push me through the difficult parts. I know this race is considered an easy 10 miles by many, but for me, it was a huge accomplishment. I have never been much of a runner and in January when I started, a single mile was a challenge. So today, when I crossed that finish line with Scott by my side, I could hardly believe that it happened. I am so blessed that Scott ran beside me and encouraged me the entire way. I do feel guilty that he didn't get to see how fast he could have done it since this was his first 10 mile race too. But every time I told him to run on ahead, he just said no and kept pushing me. I'm a lucky girl to have such a great husband!

195 Broad Street Race

The girls had a FABULOUS time at their friends and didn't want to come home :) Well, who would want to when you get to stay up hours past your bedtime, hang out with your friends, eat pizza and play at the park! We are so lucky to have amazing friends that were willing to watch the girls for us. If they hadn't, there was no way we both could have run in the race today.

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