I haven't felt like blogging at all lately. Between training for the run this coming Sunday and running the kids around, I have had very little desire to edit photos or write anything.  But, today I am very conflicted and feel the need to vent.

Yesterday a child in Abby's class said to Abby and a couple of other kids "I have a gun in my backpack." When Abby repeated it to me , she got this ugly look on her face and spoke in a tone of voice I don't ever hear from her. (No, my child isn't a saint. She chooses to whine instead of getting a grumpy voice.) I asked Abby if she told her teacher and Abby said she didn't because two of her table mates had already told the teacher. Abby said the teacher talked to the girl, but that was it. She didn't have to leave the classroom or anything else. Scott and I emailed the principal and teacher because we are very concerned and the resolution, if you can call it that, seems more like they are trying to brush it under the rug than actually deal with the situation. I am feeling so frustrated with the whole situation because having been into the classroom, I know the personality of this child and this isn't her first time getting into trouble. In fact, Abby was placed at her table last month to act as a behavior monitor for the child. I realize the class size is large and there are no classroom aides, but my child, nor anyone else's child, should not have to be responsible for monitoring the behaviour of another child because that child has a tendency to be naughty. I am also upset because Abby was called out of the classroom to discuss this issue face to face with this little girl. The other boys that initially reported it to the teacher were not asked to join in this discussion with the principal, just Abby and the offender. Abby said it was a little bit uncomfortable for her to have the talk and I don't blame her. Sitting in the Principal's office is an intimidating thing, especially for a girl like Abby that HATES getting into trouble. I didn't think we were going to have to deal with things like this until our children were older but I guess I am wrong. Do I really believe a kindergartner is going to bring a gun to school? No, but I can't be 100% certain. I have no idea what is going through that child's head and I have no idea if she even has access to a gun. Why would a kindergartner ever say something like this is beyond me. I feel like we need to do whatever we can to make sure our daughter is safe at school. I am going to the classroom tomorrow and I am hoping the teacher is going to allow the parents to start coming into the classroom more often. I don't mind giving up my time if it will help keep the class under control so all the kids can learn more effectively.

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  1. How terrifying. Our kids are at school for so many hours of the day, we have to trust that the teachers and staff are doing everything they can to keep our kids safe. You're right, no one knows what that child has access to. Something like that definitely calls for a conference with the parents. Scary. Good luck dealing with it. Spending more time in the classroom is exactly what I would do.