Well, I think last night was the first night in forever that we didn't get up with at least one of the girls. I'm not sure if it is because they slept all night without needing us or we were too tired to hear. Either way, it was very restful! Scott is flying this evening so he was able to take the girls to school. I just learned the other day that I had been taking Abby to school late every day. I thought class started at 8:40 so I had been getting her there just a few minutes before that. Turns out class starts 10 minutes earlier and 8:40 is tardy! Oops! I got a massage this afternoon which really helped with the aching legs. I wish Scott could have gotten one as well, but he didn't want one before flying at night. Completely understandable. We don't want him falling asleep when he is supposed to be flying!

Our strawberries are starting to grow. Abby told me she is looking forward to picking the strawberries and eating them. Me too!

002 strawberry

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