Friday, October 14, 2011

Scott's mom came for a visit today! So, while Abby was at school and Scott and Mckenzie were at the airport to pick her up, I managed to clean out all of the baby toys from the house! I am so proud of myself for finally getting it done. There is no reason a three year old needs rattles in her room! I know I was just keeping them around in hopes of having a use for them, but they are just adding to the clutter. So, now they can clutter the garage until I get them to the Good Will store. When Abby got home from school, we drove Dawn out to the base so she could see where Scott works and gave her a mini tour of the area. We took her to our favorite local restaurant for dinner. It's nothing fancy, but we always seem to have good service and decent food. It's perfect for a quick, cheap meal. The kids are so happy that Grandma is here to visit. I don't think they have stopped smiling at her yet :)

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