Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scott returned from his Vegas trip this morning. It was short and sweet but long enough to play a little poker and place third in a tournament. Mckenzie was so excited to see her Daddy and she got mad at me when I told her she should let him sleep (he came home at 5:30 this morning after flying all night long!). Our furniture arrived this morning and it looks great in our family room. I am so glad we didn't get another sectional couch for this room. The room is much more open now and the kids actually have space to play. The ottoman we had doesn't work with this new couch and I am sad to see it go. It had a lot of great storage space for hiding all those extra toys. The only downside to this is having a couch and ottoman hanging out in the garage. We could seriously have an apartment out there. We have a fridge, a couch, an ottoman, a bed, a crib and countless toys and children's clothing. If anyone is looking to stay, we have the room for you! On the plus side, we have an end table again! I just need to find a lamp. We have recessed lighting that is so harsh (and it is two stories high so I am not changing the light bulbs if I don't have to). The kids are having a blast playing with the old couch cushions. They sure make a fun fort and tower to jump off of! I would post the video of the kids jumping into their pile of pillows, but Mckenzie decided tower jumping would be more enjoyable sans clothing!

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