Sunday, October 23, 2011

Scott left in the middle of the night for a quick trip for work. I felt terrible when I woke up and realized that he had left and I didn't even wake up to say see ya later. The girls and I didn't do much of anything today. We hung out in our PJ's most of the day. I let the girls paint a canvas to hang in their rooms. Abby made a story out of hers while Mckenzie drew circles and birds and fish. Abby went to a birthday party for one of her classmates this afternoon. I am not sure if she was more excited about going to the party or riding in her friend's minivan. That girl has an obsession with minivans and has asked me several times if we can get rid of my car so we can drive a minivan. Definitely not going to happen anytime soon. Mckenzie was upset she didn't get to go in the minivan or to the party but we made up for that by playing "boats" (Battleship) on the iPad and playing with the My Little Ponies.
270 mckenzie painting 274 Mckenzie's canvas 272 Abby painting black and white Abby's canvas 2011

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