Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mckenzie had dance this morning and Grandma Dawn got to go with. Mckenzie was very excited to have her go with. We are all enjoying having Grandma here to visit. While they were all gone, I tried to find a hotel room for Scott and I in NYC. Scott had already made a reservation for us, but unfortunately, he overlooked the date and booked it for this past Sunday! Oops. Luckily we were able to find a place right on Times Square for less than the other place! The girls didn't want us to leave, but promises of tattoos and glow sticks made them happy! (We did check in on the girls later and they were enjoying themselves!) We had a great time in NYC. We had dinner at this Brazilain restaurant and it was really tasty, although, I didn't want to see or think of meat after we were done. (The servers bring endless meat around on skewers until you tell them you are finished. Good, but very filling!) We made our way over to the Helen Hayes Theater to see Rock of Ages. The show was AMAZING and it was such a phenomenal experience. I couldn't stop smiling it was so good. I am so happy that our first Broadway show was one that we both enjoyed.

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