Friday, October 7, 2011

Abby didn't have school today so we decided to visit the zoo. It was a great day to be outside and the zoo wasn't overcrowded. The best part was how well the girls behaved. No major meltdowns and very little whining. I couldn't have asked for a better day. I forgot to pack lunch and we ended up eating zoo food. As we were eating, both girls asked me if they could get a Nutella sandwich. I couldn't blame them for asking. The food was mediocre at best. I think the favorite part of the day for the girls was the petting zoo where they got to comb goats and sheep and sit on a tractor or playing in a water fountain. Abby saw the water fountain and asked if she could play in it. The way she asked, I knew she was expecting me to say no, but when I said yes, her face lit up in disbelief and excitement! The girls got a little wet, but we were heading out of the zoo anyway and it made them so happy. Mckenzie dozed off in the car and she got in a pretty good nap as I didn't plan our exit from the zoo very well and we ended up in rush hour traffic. Abby was a great helper when we got home. She gave Mckenzie a bath, washing her hair and all. Now, if I could just get her to do the dishes and laundry... 008 Abby 010 mckenzie b&w 015 mckenzie 019 goose

The goose that was begging for food while we ate our lunch

042 Abby
057 Abby Mckenzie 064 Abby 069 Abby Mckenzie 075 Mckenzie 087 Flamingo zoo 054 099 zoo

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