Saturday, October 8, 2011

Scott got home late last night from his trip. I told the girls he wasn't coming home until this afternoon, so when Abby came over to sleep with me in the middle of the night, she was pleasantly surprised to find her Daddy was home. Mckenzie had dance class this morning and I am happy to report that she is getting very comfortable with the participating. She even walked into class alone! We ran an errand and then Scott took Abby to look at Corvettes. She has been fascinated with "sweet" cars lately and Scott was happy to indulge her. She was a little upset though there were only two seats and not four. We had lunch out and while we were eating, I noticed Mckenzie's eye was looking irritated so on the way home, we stopped by a walk in clinic. She has pink eye, but we caught it pretty early so hopefully none of the rest of us get it. Lots of hand sanitizer and hand washing going on around here. We all played outside for a bit this evening. Mckenzie fell off her bike, but she is such a trooper, she hopped right back on without a fuss.

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