Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We were pretty busy today. Abby had school and Mckenzie had a pumpkin picking field trip. Grandma Dawn came along to pick pumpkins and it was a great time. Mckenzie wasn't really in the mood to pick pumpkins, she preferred to hang on her teacher the entire time. Luckily, her teacher is awesome and went along with it! The farm has an area with animals and the kids got to feed them. Mckenzie was loving that! We stopped by the farm bakery on the way out and picked up some apple cider donuts. They are DELICIOUS!!!! They are worth the trip alone. When Abby got home from school, we made a trip to Philly to grab a Tony Luke's Philly cheesesteak. They are the best cheesesteaks ever. I think the key is the cheese whiz. Then we headed downtown to see the Liberty Bell and walk around a bit. Mckenzie had a monster fit, but she was happy by the time we were leaving. I think she is super tired from our trip to NYC yesterday. 083 pumpkins 088 Dawn Scott and Mckenzie pumpkin picking
I am not sure why she likes to kick pumpkins, but she did it when we went pumpkin picking as a family and she was doing it again today...
095 Mckenzie 109 sunflower 123 Mckenzie 130 mckenzie 147 Dawn and Scott 156

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  1. Cool that the pumpkins are actually in the patch! There is nothing like Burt's Pumpkin farm for us though. Pics to follow at some point! I'm so far behind!


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