Monday, October 24, 2011

Both girls had school this morning. Mckenzie was feisty all morning before we left the house, but she perked up at school and ran straight to her teacher. Thank goodness she was happy there! I headed to the gym and when I got back home, I decided to call the furniture store to complain about the customer service we had the other day. I called the main service line instead of the store and they were very nice and apologetic. The gal explained that she wasn't able to do anything for me, but that a store manager would be contacting me within five minutes. I guess two and a half hours is just the same thing as five minutes. By the time I was done "talking" to the sales manager and general manager, I was about to go through the roof. I was shaking and I could hardly hold the phone anymore. Neither person could seem to understand that it wasn't about me wanting the $36 dollars back but rather about the rude customer service. The first person kept explaining to me why they needed the numbers on the back of the credit card. I don't know how many times I listened as she explained it and then politely told her I understand the reason for the numbers on the card. That is why we don't use them to shop over the phone as a way of protecting our account. The first person told me that we have already extended you free delivery. I corrected her and told her we had free delivery long before this ever became an issue because their store offers free delivery to military. As soon as I said that, she offered me to the general manager, who was insincere at best and very condescending and patronizing. I finally said "all I am looking for is a sincere apology and you admitting your store was wrong to demand we change our family policy to correct your mistake." The reply I got was "we have already apologized". The part that really got me fired up was the general manager told me they would be sending a refund CHECK!!!! I asked why I couldn't have sent in a check and rescheduled my delivery and he said it wasn't part of company policy. I will never, ever, ever shop there again. I am still really worked up over this. (As if you couldn't tell!!!!) I realize people make mistakes, but rudeness isn't a mistake. It is a choice and that store had a choice to treat us better as it's customers. Oh, when I started getting really mean, I asked them if they would like me to have the Infinity dealership across the street to pay them a visit and offer a class on true customer service. (We have never had anything but amazing service from them. They go above and beyond to serve their customers!) I don't think my comment was received too well! I do feel bad for getting so angry but it was more difficult getting them to understand my point (which I don't believe they ever did) than it is for me to get Mckenzie to understand why she can't eat candy all day long (and the girl loves her candy!). It was a beautiful afternoon here and the girls enjoyed spending it playing outside. They even let me snap a couple of photos! 007 Abby 009 Mckenzie 010 Abby Mckenzie

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  1. What store is it? I think I would just cancel everything and tell them to bite me!


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