Monday, October 10, 2011

Everyone had the day off for Columbus day today so we decided it would be a perfect day for pumpkin picking. We went to a nearby farm that has a corn maze and pumpkin picking. The kids had so much fun. Abby couldn't choose just one pumpkin and ended up getting three! Mckenzie settled on just two. Good thing Scott was with to help carry all of them! The corn maze was fun and we were each given a map to help guide us through. Abby was our leader and did a good job of navigating for us! It was pretty warm out so we let the girls have some ice cream before heading home for the day. I love that we are able to make these memories with our children. I know they won't always be excited about pumpkin picking but for now, they are and I am glad we are able to take full advantage of that! 039 Abby pumpkin picking 047 Mckenzie pumpkin picking
Abby is so sweet. She saw Mckenzie couldn't lift the pumpkin and tried to help her :) 049 Mckenzie and Abby pumpkin picking 055 mckenzie 058 Abby 062 Abby Scott and Mckenzie on hay ride

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