Oh my oh my. Abby was in quite the mood this afternoon. Who knew that asking her to get her own snack would set off such a tantrum. I had to stop myself from laughing so many times because her arguments about why she couldn't get her own snack were just too funny. She told me she couldn't get her snack because she didn't know where it was. Ok. all the food in the house in either in the fridge or the pantry. My guess is crackers are in the pantry. Next problem. "I can't reach them". Seriously? They were directly in her line of sight on the bottom shelf. "I don't know how to open the box!" Really? It went on and on. Her five minute time out was waaaay longer because she kept screaming about missing her movie that she had been watching. But, we made it through her tantrum and enjoyed some peace and quiet before heading to church for choir practice/dinner. Mckenzie almost went along with Abby to sing, but she turned back before getting all the way to the choir room :(

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