Mckenzie didn't want to go to class again today. She was super clingy and was crying when it was time for me to leave :( I felt so bad leaving her because the teacher's assistant was out and she is usually the one that cuddles with Mckenzie. Her teacher did say that she settled down pretty quickly but I still feel guilty for making her stay when she didn't want to.  The girls and I took down all the Christmas decorations today. I usually take them down on the first, but time seemed to get away this year. The girls were sad to see the tree go but they had fun looking through all the ornaments as we packed them away. Abby was really upset that Scott wasn't home in time to see her before bed. It has been really tough on her not seeing him in the mornings and only getting to spend a few minutes with him before bedtime. I hope she adjusts to his schedule soon.

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