Happy Tuesday! Mckenzie and I played dominoes this morning. I think she could have kept playing all day long if I would have let her! We picked up Abby's pottery this afternoon (yeah they were open!) and it turned out so cute! She has decided that the cupcake she made is now where she will keep her earrings. After running a few errands, the girls played outside. It is unbelievable to me that it is so warm the girls can run around outside in just a little jacket at the end of January. Crazy! We had church tonight and Mckenzie thought about singing with the choir, but she backed out at the last minute. Poor Abby gets so disappointed when Mckenzie decides to stay with me. Abby was talking to me about having a robot that could run errands for me today. She stated "You could build it. Well, Daddy could build it and you could use it." I asked her why I couldn't build it and she asked "Do you even know how to build a robot?" I had to stop myself from asking "Do you think your Dad could even build a robot?". I almost asked her, but she saved herself by saving I could help Scott build it. I guess that would work :)

016 Abby's plate

This is the plate that Abby's friends signed at her birthday party. I love this keepsake :) I hope that she will too treasure if forever!

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