Mckenzie had a follow up appointment for the cyst she had removed a little over a year ago. I was a little worried that is was growing back, but the doc said it was normal for it to heal that way. Yeah. Glad I was just being an overprotective momma! A friend picked Abby up from school since I wasn't sure I would be back from Mckenzie's appointment in time. You just never know how bad the traffic in Philly is going to be! Since Abby was busy playing with her friends, Mckenzie and I went to the grocery store. It is so much easier with one than two, although she was a little crabby since it was close to lunch time. My bad! Abby had church choir tonight. She keeps telling me she doesn't want to go and then at the end, she tells me how much fun she had. I just wish she could make up her mind!
109 American Girl doll

Krisilla has been sick for a few days. Hopefully Abby will decide she is healthy one day soon!

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