Abby didn't want to go to school until I reminded her she could bring cake pops to share with her friends to celebrate her birthday. After that, she was ready to go! Abby was excited that her principal wished her a happy birthday over the intercom system at school and that her class sang to her. Although, she was most excited because she is now the calendar assistant in her class. She said this was the job she has wanted all year long and she finally got it! Yeah Abby! Mckenzie and I hung out at the house. She didn't want to change out of the dress she wore yesterday and also to bed, so I ended up putting another dress right over the top of it. This kid does not like long sleeves. She would rather freeze and wear a tank top than have anything cover her little arms.

Today was a cold, wet day, but it gave me the chance to capture a photo that I have been wanting to take forever. I just love the way raindrops hang on bare tree branches. 001 raindrops

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