Today was a quiet day. I managed to get a run in this morning while the girls were both at school. I feel like I am slowly improving. Someday I will be a runner. I just hope it is someday soon :)The girls and I went to pick up the pottery that Abby and her friends made at Abby's birthday party but the store was closed today. I was mildly annoyed that we drove well over an hour round trip to get them but we saved the trip by stopping at the Krispy Kreme for a doughnut. This is the only one I know of in the area. We are heavily populated by Dunkin Donuts so I was glad to see this little treasure. The girls loved their doughnuts. Mckenzie actually ate hers instead of just the frosting off the top it was that good. We stopped by the grocery store on the way home, what better time than when the kids are happily loaded up with sugar :) It was nice enough to let the girls play outside this afternoon so they enjoyed riding up and down the sidewalk before it got too chilly. When Scott got home, he was sweet enough to get the kids ready for bed alone so I could have a little down time on my birthday, or I guess I should really say on the anniversary of my 28th birthday :) We ate cake (as if I needed more junk food for the day!) and watched a movie. Today was the kind of day I like to have. I don't need a big birthday celebration, I just love spending the day with my family. Well, all the family that is close enough anyway. I loved all the calls and texts and facebook wishes. It really helps to feel close to those that live so far away:) 007 Mckenzie

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