We got to spend a little extra time in Florida than we had anticipated. Our flight was canceled due to weather but luckily we were able to get on a direct flight in the evening. So, we went to an aquarium and out to lunch with our friends. The aquarium was small and the alligator was smaller than the ones in our friends's backyard but the kids had fun. They got to touch a stingray, well, Abby did. I dont' think Mckenzie ever actually touched one. She stuck her fingers in the water, but she always pulled them away as the stringray swam by. Abby was scared at first, but she finally worked up the courage to do it. Lunch was tasty, but Mckenzie was super crabby which kind of negates the lunch. It was hard to say goodbye to our friends. It had been two years since we hung out, but it felt like it was only yesterday when we last saw them. Abby was so sad to leave her friends. She sobbed all through checkin at the airport, through security, and throughout most of our dinner. She finally settled down after a phone call with her friends.  Both girls were so good on the airplane. Mckenzie fell asleep about 10 minutes before touchdown so she wasn't too happy when I had to wake her. 462 shark feeding

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