Scott took Abby to work with him this morning while I took Mckenzie to dance. We met them on base afterwards and had lunch and worked out. It was nice that Scott had a little down time today so we could hang out together. On the way home, I decided that I wanted to get a photograph of a the C-17. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a good one without all the fences in they way. Darn security! So, I settled on this one. I think it is the c-141 which was the precursor to the C-17. The girls asked me why I wanted to take a picture of a plane. I told them it was because they didn't like it when I took pictures of them anymore and all of a sudden, Abby has a renewed interest in being photographed. Guess I ought to try guilt a little more often to get what I want! HeHe! 002c-141

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