Happy Birthday to our sweet Abby! 6 years old already. It seems like just yesterday we were anxiously awaiting her arrival and now she is a school aged child! Crazy! We are so blessed that she is in our lives. Her spirit is contagious and she is so sweet and friendly. She is our social butterfly :) We took her to NYC to celebrate her birthday. We stopped at the American Girl store so she could pick out her own birthday present. She chose a crutches and cast set, a ballerina outfit, glasses (to look like her friend Jora), a swimsuit, and a pair of kittens for her doll. She had so much fun deciding what to get and I don't have a clue how she narrowed it down. That store is huge! Three stories of dolls and accessories. You can get a photo taken with your doll or have her ears pierced. Just about anything you can imagine, it can be done. We wanted to eat at the restaurant there, but unfortunately, I called too late to get a reservation :( Abby didn't seem to mind and we ate at a different restaurant. We visited Grand Central Station, which is amazingly beautiful, and the Toys R Us in Time Square. They have a ferris wheel inside and the girls and Scott got to take if for a ride. Abby had a great day in the city. I think it was the perfect gift for her. She just loves NYC. There are quite a few pics from today. I really wanted a picture of Abby inside American Girl because she is so in love with her doll right now. I mean she screams in excitement when the American Girl catalogue arrives and she looks through it over and over. But, she wasn't in the mood for pictures today :( Oh well, it's her birthday and if she doesn't want photos then that is what she gets :)
 007 grand central station 019 grand central station 020 mckenzie Abby scott 021 Mckenzie Abby Barb 025 grand central station 032 door in grand central station 037 American Girl store 054 Mckenzie Abby Scott 071 legos 073 Abby Mckenzie 075 Abby 6th birthday 085 Abby 090 Abby 097 Abby 094 American girl doll

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