Abby celebrated her birthday with her friends today. She had a pottery party (Scott's idea) and it was a lot of fun. I think she really enjoyed it because she was able to spend time with her friends and actually get to talk to them instead of just running around like in years past. She really is growing up! I just can't believe she is 6 years old already!!!! The kids all had a great time painting their own piece of pottery. I am looking forward to seeing the final products! Abby was ecstatic to see she had a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and Hello Kitty on the top. I don't think the cake could have been any more perfect! (No, I did not make it. Lord knows if I tried to make a cake with a picture of Hello Kitty on it, it would come out looking like a dog or worse!).  It took her forever to blow out the candles. I am pretty sure it would have helped had she actually blown air instead of spitting all over the cake! Good thing the frosting was so sweet that no one actually ate the top layer of frosting! It was a three layer cake and each layer of frosting was nearly as thick as the cake. Way too much sugar! We picked up Mckenzie from her friend's house (Abby's party was just for the big girls today) on the way home from the party. She had fun playing with her friend and didn't seem to mind that she wasn't able to be at Abby's party. We let Abby open her presents when we got home. She was like a tornado ripping through her presents. It was very hard to take any pictures of the little stinker! 073 Abby 059 Abby cake 034 Abby 076 Mckenzie Scott Abby 079 MCkenzie Barb Abby

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