Scott was great and made breakfast for us this morning before Mckenzie's dance class. Scott stayed home with Abby while I headed to dance with Mckenzie. She was excited to go into her class today which makes me so happy! We met Scott and Abby at the gym after dance. We have never used the childcare there before so I was a little apprehensive about how the girls would do, but I was worried for nothing! Neither one cried and they said they had fun. We took the girls to Chick fil A for lunch (who puts a gym next to Chick fil A?!?) and let the girls play. One of Scott's coworkers stopped by the restaurant with his daughter and our kids played together for hours. Yes. We were at Chick fil A for at least three hours! Well, I checked out a little early to run a few errands. I made cake pops this evening for Abby to take into her class on Tuesday. I can't believe she is turning 6 already!

Scott so generously "volunteered" to be my hand model :) 053 cake pops

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