I took Mckenzie to dance and Scott stayed home with Abby. Mckenzie didn't want to go into dance class and I had to walk her into the class and promise to watch her through the window. She has such a reserved personality and would rather stay at home. I see a lot of myself in her. I can tell she wants to have friends but she is just so nervous and cautious that it is difficult for her to put herself out there. I hope she is lucky like I was to find a few good friends and keep them for life. Abby has been asking for Chinese so we went out to lunch and then went shopping. We found running shoes for me and a jogging stroller for Mckenzie. I am really excited to get into running. I remember how accomplished I used to feel after running 5K's in Charleston and I want that feeling again. I think it will be great for the whole family to spend more time together and get some exercise while we do it.

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