We all went to dance with Mckenzie this morning so we could run errands after she was finished. We stopped for lunch and then we picked up my new (used) lens! I am so excited to try it out!!! I feel like the luckiest girl out there :) I would have played around with it a little more today, but Scott planned a date night to celebrate my birthday and Valentines. We tried a new (new to us) restaurant and it was really tasty. The steaks were so delicious and the customer service was fabulous! Several of the employees wished me a happy birthday and the manager gave us a gift card! Awesome customer service. We stopped for a couple of drinks before heading home and the guy next to Scott was a little crazy. He was yelling at his phone and then he asked Scott " Do you think they can still find me without the battery? There's still a small battery in here for the GPS!" I was so glad when he finally left! The girls had fun with our babysitter. She is so good with them and always brings activities with to entertain the girls. We are going to miss her when she leaves for college :(

002 ring I love that I can see all the detail in Scott's wedding band :) I realize this isn't a fab photo, but I just wanted to see what the lens could do.

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