Mckenzie is still feeling yucky from the cold she picked up so we kept her home from dance class. She didn't seem to notice and I would rather she takes it easy this weekend so she can go to her Valentines party on Monday. I took Abby to get her nails done this morning. She was so excited to get a mani and sat so still the entire time. Abby went to a birthday party for a school friend at a Mixed Martial Arts center. She seemed to enjoy punching and kicking stuff! She was giggling when she told me she "knocked" over the instructor. (The instructor was great with the kids and pretended to fall over from tough punches.) We had to leave the party a little early so she could get ready for a Father/Daughter Sweetheart Dance sponsored by her school. I curled her hair and got her dressed in her new dress that she picked out. It was a special night for the two of them. Abby said it was like she was getting married when she got all dressed and put on her flowers. Scott said they had dinner and played games and danced. They both really enjoyed themselves. I am so thankful he was able to do this with her as he missed Dad's night last year at preschool :( 009 Abby Scott 016 Abby

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