Today turned into one of those days. We started off ok, but somewhere we got off track and never really made it back. We had friends over to play and normally the kids get along pretty good, but for some reason, it wasn't working today. They all got along while we did a couple of crafts, but when they went to play, they just couldn't seem to agree on what to do. After they left, it turned into the whiny zone around here and then it was time for church. It was the annual pancake dinner and talent show. Abby loved singing, of course, but Mckenzie was not having it. She only went into practice because I promised her they would give her a rubber ducky if she did and she was beyond disappointed that she didn't get one. In my defense, I didn't realize they weren't getting them until they actually performed. So, when all the kids walked into the church, Mckenzie was crying because she didn't get a ducky and she couldn't walk next to her sister. Poor kid. She sat down with me and happily watched Abby sing the first song (an Oscar the Grouch song). After the song, the teachers started handing out the rubber duckies and Mckenzie was more than happy to run up front and join in. She didn't know the words, but boy could she dance! I am so glad she decided to sing because she looked like she enjoyed it a lot.  

003 Mckenzie

001 abby

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