Abby worked on her 100 day project for school today. She chose to glue 100 glass gems to a canvas to represent the first 100 days of school. She didn't seem to like the idea when I first suggested it to her, but after I gave her a few other ideas, she got on board with this one. I guess the other ones were much less interesting! The girls had a friend over to play this afternoon. They had fun making a Valentines gift using paint and their feet :) The laughs I got from them when I painted their feet was priceless! I wouldn't have written what we were making today, but Scott found them already. Guess I should learn to hide them away from the jar of M&M's! Mckenzie actually sang with the choir tonight at church. I was floored that she went in with Abby and never looked back! Who knows if she will do it again, but Abby was more than elated that Mckenzie joined her tonight. 008 100 day project Abby

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