Mckenzie is feeling a little under the weather today. Seems she has picked up a cough and a low grade fever. So, instead of running errands today, we spent the day inside, working on our numbers and letters. Abby seemed to be a little less grouchy today when she came home from school. I had her work on some school work so the day wasn't a total waste. Heck, I even managed to clean the house and do a load of laundry. It is still in the dryer, but if I run it again before I go to bed, then I can fold it tomorrow right?!

I painted the girls' nails this afternoon and curled their hair for fun. Both girls had fun, but only Mckenzie would take a photo for me. 018 mckenzie 013 Mckenzie 007 mckenzie 002 mckenzie

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  1. She looks beautiful! Love the first one!