006 snow

We had a little snow overnight and it looked so beautiful resting on the trees with the sun shining on it.

I got a run in this morning and a trip to Target before picking Mckenzie up from school. She made banana bread in her Chef class this morning. She said she tried it but she didn't like it. When Abby heard what Mckenzie baked, she wanted to have some for herself. So, I called up Grandma and got her tasty recipe for banana bread. Unfortunately, my looked nor tasted anywhere near what my Mom's used to taste like. I had to substitute a couple of things as I didn't have them in the house and apparently, it wasn't a good idea. This is what the bread looked like! Yuck. Abby tried it and said it tasted OK. At least it made her happy :)
011 banana bread

Abby was a grump when she got home from school today. This is not unusual. Most days she comes home she needs a little time to get it together before she is her normal self but today, it was just awful. She couldn't get along with her sister for anything and Mckenzie wouldn't stop pushing Abby's buttons. I finally made them go to timeout together, holding hands and looking into each other's eyes while they did it. They were not happy about this one bit, but it seemed to do the trick. And, I found out why Abby was so grumpy today. She lost her butterfly mood ring that she just got for her birthday and she is just heartbroken over it. She was sobbing so hard she could hardly tell me what happened :( 010 holding hands

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