021 banana bread

I met some friends for our monthly breakfast. It is so nice to get together on a regular basis. It was raining and while we were eating, we noticed this older gentleman and gal who were inching along down the ramp outside. My friend and I went to help get him into the car as he was getting soaked and his daughter didn't really seem to know what to do with him. Apparently he had Parkinson's and he was having a really bad day. I am so glad he didn't fall!

I made some banana bread yesterday and it turned out much better this time! I'm still not sure what went wrong last time, but I am glad it didn't happen again!

The girls had their typical Wednesday. School and dance. I love picking them up from school because they each run to greet me at full speed. Abby nearly knocks me over she is getting so big!

Mckenzie managed to get gum stuck in her hair again today. I had no idea she had gum (maybe I should be a better mom and keep my purse where they can't get to it) and they were running into the pillows on the couch. I am hoping I don't have to take her gum privileges away...

BTW, Happy Birthday Dawn!

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